HAWAII SCHADUW OUTDOOR GORDIJN 90/ 110/ 120/ 130 x 350 cm


Todo Bien has recently introduced this new product to the collection! Excellent for decorating your villa, terrace or hotel.
The handmade designer outdoor curtains gives a perfect and stylish shade creation!

The decorative curtains are entirely handmade from a very strong grass which grows in Indonesia and is called Mendong or also called Esparto.
Available in different sizes 90,110, 120 and 130. But we can also customize them for different sizes, The length of the curtains are 300 cm so that a robust decorative roller blind is created when rolled up.

The whole has a warm, rustic and unique sunny look.
Handmade with 100% natural Mendong grass or Esparto grass.
Completely environmentally friendly.
Each product is handmade and unique.

If desired, we can also have the desired format produced especially for you. You should then count on a longer delivery time of 8 to 12 weeks. 

Starting price 90 x 300 cm 299 euro

Price on request

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90 x 350, 110 x 350, 120 x 350, 130 x 350

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